Privacy Policy

Below will describe how we store and use data and who has access to it.
Firstly, what data do we store from the bot?
We store the following:
  • Server ID
  • User ID's who set a profile
  • All information entered by a user from commands
How do we use this data?
  • The data is only used for the bot and no other reasons.
Who has access to this data?
  • Only the bot and select people who are trusted have access. The only time we are checking the database is to resolve possible issues that may have occured.
Is this data ever shared?
  • Never! We respect users privacy as well as security and we stand by not selling or giving away our users data.
Does this data ever get removed?
  • The only time data can be removed is on request of a server owner/admin. In this case please join our discord (linked below) and we can remove the data of the server. If a specific users is wanting their data removed simply have them run the /resetsettings and that will totally reset their profile
For any other questions please join our discord ~
Last modified 5mo ago